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Enhancing well-being, engagement, and trust through our ten pillars of harmony.

A consulting method designed for business leaders, visionary investors, and innovative HR professionals.
ready to elevate your LEVELS OF trust and engagement?

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helping you build trust and engagement.

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Ten Pillars
of Harmony

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Just as our health is governed by a natural intelligence, a company's well-being is also sustained by ten pillars.

These pillars, like the body's intelligence, allow the company to grow, adapt, and evolve, without disrupting well-being.

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This state of well-being manifests as trust, engagement, and high performance, and it is the foundation for long-term value.

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Building and preserving harmony is an ongoing process of mutual growth in which everyone is a leader, from desks to departments.

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Our purpose is to serve people and organizations by restoring harmony through a method anchored in ten pillars, enhancing well-being, trust, and engagement.

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BUILD trust and ENGAGEMENT one step at a time

Step 1. Assessment

Let's find out the reasons behind disharmony

Through our detailed report, you will understand the reasons behind disharmony, disengagement, inefficiency, addressing head-on the core issues related to corporate well-being. Most companies do operate in disharmony, breaking trust, lowering performance, and putting the company's longevity and competitiveness at risk.


Step 2. Tuning

We will work together to restore harmony

With the support of our team, peel the layers of your assessment, going deeper into the objective and subjective root causes of disharmony, evaluating each pillar in connection to tangible aspects of the business.


Step 3. Long-term Plan

And define a plan to keep it long-term

Incorporate well-being into a clear roadmap of projects and initiatives, borrowing elements from our harmony-based management philosophy in order to nurture the necessary foundations for enduring well-being and sustainable growth.

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Step 4. Well-being

preserving well-being.

We are all bridges of growth. Transform your company into an environment where everyone grows with your business. A place where people no longer work "for" the company, but "with" the company, united as a team, moving towards the same goals, honoring each unique and authentic self.

We're ready to serve you 

 wherever you are

What's your story?

Is your company a benchmark in well-being? Did you overcome challenges in creating harmony? Are you stuck in a moment of change right now?  Let us know. We'd love to hear your story.

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Is your company in dynamic harmony?

We face a challenging moment, beyond all doubt, yet with great challenges comes a great opportunity to develop leadership. Far from being a "magic formula", the pillars are a guideline that require our ability to bring them to life and put them in place. Find out if your company is ready for a state of dynamic harmony or if it might be stuck in challenges undermining its longevity and well-being.

Ready for the first step?

Well-being is a key strategic foundation for any company.

Beyond perks and benefits, well-being is the corner stone of operational excellence, high performance, and long-term value. At Vocalis, our mantra is: "Dynamic harmony equals outlasting growth", and our hobby is to find opportunities to tune your company to the principles that will maximize its potential. Wondering what a journey with us would be like?

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Vocalis is the product of a dream, a quest, and a personal journey as well. Our method is based on patters observed in 40+ companies empirically studied, 15+ years of experience in 10+ countries, combined with a diverse background in arts and maybe 10,000 hours reading philosophy.

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